Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Egypt (4) Breakfast is served and it's raining

Saturday, January 23 2010

Breakfast is served. I'm sitting on the aisle and I notice that the flight attendants are pretty rough with serving food. I keep trying to dodge the corner of juice bottles or elbows in my eye.

The cute flight attendant puts down a tray for me, but then remembered that I have a special meal request, so he takes it away. When the new tray arrives, I wish I had the original. It's a chicken breast - for breakfast. I don't eat chicken so I'm left with the hard rock roll again. I give up. I'm not that hungry anyway.

I can't decide what to watch. Surely a 3 hour Bollywood movie would pass the time, but I'm not in the mood for the other one they have on.

When we land, the windows are wet. No! It' can't be raining...I have to do the city tour, and I specifically ordered clear blue skies for my photographs.

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