Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beijing (24) Hutong Tour

Beijing (1) The idea to go
Beijing (2) Leaving Korea
Beijing (3) Arriving in Beijing
Beijing (4) Welcome on the bus 
Beijing (5) Lunch on Saturday PM
Beijing (6) Forbidden City is Closed
Beijing (7) Cute Pandas
Beijing (8) Summer Palace
Beijing (9) Flying Acrobatic Show
Beijing (10) Hotel & Dinner
Beijing (11) Great Wall
Beijing (12) Great Wall Shopping
Beijijng (13) Lunch on Sunday PM
Beijing (14) Ming Tombs
Beijing (15) Traditional Tea House
Beijing (16) Peking Duck Dinner
Beijing (17) Shopping for Munchies
Beijing (18) Olympic Stadium at Night
Beijing (19) Just me and Jackie Chan
Beijing (20) Tiananmen Square
Beijing (21) Forbidden City
Beijing (22) Silk Factory
Beijing (23) Temple of Heaven

Monday, February 15 2010

Hutongs are a type of narrow streets or alleys with traditional courtyard residences.

In recent years, hutongs in Beijing have decreased because they've been demolished for new roads and buildings.

There are a few hutongs that have been preserved to showcase the cultural aspect of Chinese history. In many cases, there could be up to 9 families living in one courtyard.

We were taken on a rickshaw ride and stopped to walk around. We even got to visit a family to see what homes in this area look like! It was a very cool experience...

Here I am wearing four layers of clothing!
How cool that we even get blankets to cover our legs ^_^


The rickshaw drivers getting ready to GO!





Video from the rickshaw:
In the video, you can see Linda, our Hutong guide riding past on her bicycle



People put these wooden planks up to protect their tyres from dogs urinating on them!



Some families in this area have opened their homes to
tourists to get an idea of what a typical house looks like inside.  
We went to the home of a sweet old couple and allowed us 
to take photographs of their room and kitchen.


Here's a video of Linda talking a bit about the couple:

Their fridge is filled with magnets given to them by visitors from all over the world.







 Here I am with the couple.
I really wanted to give them something, but I had nothing on me,
so I gave them money.


Outside area


Beijing (25) Buildings & Bye Bye Beijing!



Unknown said...

Hi Sheetal! Wow what an inspiration reading your article. You have accomplished so much! I am from SA and its my second week in South Korea. Miss home and company of freinds and family very much. but hoping tp explore as much as i can. Thanks for having this page so people like me (newcomers) can read and feel motivated...

Kind regards,

Sheetal said...

Hi Sharmila,

Welcome to Korea :) Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your kind words! The homesickness will eventually wear off as you settle in, but know that it will pop up again - sometimes when you least expect it. Good luck with the rest of the year here :)