Saturday, February 6, 2010

Egypt (39) Love Story - Photoshopped

Egypt (1) The Idea to go
Egypt (2) Incheon Airport
Egypt (3) Turkish Airlines
Egypt (4) Breakfast is served and it's raining
Egypt (5) Istanbul: Hello Turkey!
Egypt (6) Istanbul: City Tour begins
Egypt (7) Istanbul: Turkish Islamic Art Museum
Egypt (8) Istanbul: Blue Mosque
Egypt (9) Istanbul: Blue Mosque Beanie Drama
Egypt (10) Istanbul: Lunch
Egypt (11) Istanbul: Hagia Sophia
Egypt (12) Istanbul: Grand Bazaar
Egypt (13) Istanbul: Snow Storm
Egypt (14) Istanbul: Goodbye Turkey!
Egypt (15) Arriving in Cairo
Egypt (16) Meeting mum, breakfast and Dana
Egypt (17) Pyramids and Sphinx

Egypt (18) Perfume Factory
Egypt (19) Jeweler
Egypt (20) Mit Rahina Museum
Egypt (21) Step Pyramid
Egypt (22) Bumpy Car Ride
Egypt (23) Lunch & Shopping
Egypt (24) Papyrus Institute
Egypt (25) Leaving for Aswan
Egypt (26) Arriving in Aswan
Egypt (27) Short, Sweet & Deep
Egypt (28) Lunch on the Boat
Egypt (29) Felucca Ride on the Nile
Egypt (30) Short, Sweet & Deep Part 2
Egypt (31) Dinner & Entertainment
Egypt (32) High Dam in Aswan
Egypt (33) Philae Temple
Egypt (34) Unfinished Obelisk
Egypt (35) Lunch & Set Sail
Egypt (36) Temple of Kom Ombo  
Egypt (37) Mohammad, Airtime & Security Guy
Egypt (38) Dinner & Galabya Party

Tuesday, January 26 2010

I decide to go up to the deck for some fresh air and listen to music. I don't last there very long. No one is there - probably because it's very cold.When I go back inside, I see the guy who runs the gift / jewelry store on the boat. He's sitting with Mahmoud, the photographer. He's uploading the photo's he took earlier.

They invite me to sit down where they are. As we're talking, Mahmoud looks very busy on on his notebook editing his photos on Photoshop. He's editing the photo he took with me! He asks the other guy something in Arabic, to which he replies, "Love Story" and Mahmoud types this on the screen.

"Huh?" I think. He tells me it is a present for me.

After a while, I decide it's time to go to bed. I have to be up early tomorrow morning. We've got a tour that's taking place before breakfast.

When I go back to our cabin, my mum tells me that another guy started talking to her and was...well...flirting with her! Apparently he thought we were sisters (?!) His name is Sami...and he wants to meet her tomorrow on the sundeck. Hmmmm.....

Here's the pic he edited, printed and gave me as a gift!

Egypt (40) Temple of Horus, Edfu

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