Saturday, February 6, 2010

Egypt (52) Goodbye, Luxor!

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Thursday, January 28 2010

I want a photo of Winking Chef Abdul, but he wants to have one with with me. When I stand next to him, he puts his arm around me in a manner that is way too familiar for my liking. Cynthia, who is about to take the pic, puts the camera down and gives him a look as if to say, "I can see what you're doing" Meanwhile, I'm holding his hand down. Apparently, he sees my mum also looking at him, so he pulls his hand away.

...which explains his expression in the pic, right?!


Now I'd like you to meet Hussen, one of the bus boys on the boat. My mum and I had the best giggles with him. He is meant to take used crockery and cutlery to the kitchen, pour drinks - tea, coffee etc. While we're still eating, Hussen would come to us several times to take our plates away. He'd giggle for doing it over and over again to us (while we're still busy eating), and that would just crack us up! 


After our last lunch on the boat, Hussen rushes out to me while I'm about to go upstairs. He hands me a folded piece of paper. I can see a number written on it. It's his phone number!
However, back in Cairo, I open the paper and find this note:

When we get back to the boat from Karnak Temple, we have to wait for about two hours before we're picked up to be taken to the airport. We're flying back to Cairo tonight.  Of course, we've checked out earlier in the morning, so we just wait around at the reception area.

A man, who I later learn is the assistant manager comes to tell me that if I'd like to freshen up or take a rest, they'd be willing to give us a room till we're picked up. I thank him and say that we'll just be around at reception. It's not that long to wait, anyway.

I wonder where the other guy who works at reception is. 

Truth be told, I'm not particularly attracted to fair skin and light eyes. I tend to prefer darker skin tones.... but this guy at reception is just dreamy! I don't know if it's his eyes or his smile, but  I know I'll be a bit bummed if I don't see him him before I leave the boat.

I ask TH, the assistant manager where he is (where am I getting guts like this?!) I'm told he'll be there shortly for the next shift.

My mum and I get into a conversation with TH and find out that his family lives quite a distance away. He seldom gets to see them. Because of this, he says he's interested in taking a second wife.

At this point, the manager of the boat joins us and he and my mum start a conversation. So TH moves closer to me and says, "If I don't find another!"

He surprises me with what he says next.

"Before, I have no reason to come and speak with you, but I just want to see your eyes."
"Whyyyy?" I ask.
"You have beautiful eyes," he goes on.
"Thank you," is all I can say.

He's rather soft-spoken, but continues...

"No, really ... your eyes are like... you know? flags"
"Flags?" I ask.
"Yes, flags. They say come here! Come here!"

If this isn't a line, then I don't know what is!

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Did smooth pick-up lines originate from here as well?

TH also tells me that since he works at the front desk, he sees hundreds of "eyes" (guests) everyday, "...but your eyes...they are beautiful."

I'm tempted to interrupt my mum's conversation and inform her that I won't be flying back with her to Cairo. I'll be staying right here in Luxor! (Just kidding!)

Guess whose shift has just started? Dreamy reception guy!

I don't know who this guy is, or what he does on the boat, but for the few times that I saw him, he would just stare at me. If I go upstairs, he still stares. Seriously... this is him - staring!

Egypt (53) From Luxor to Cairo


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