Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary, Flintstones!

Today (September 30 2010)

The Flintstones celebrate their 50th anniversary!

Google celebrates this special milestones with a Google Doodle.
Google Doodle is when Google changes the image on their homepage to celebrate an event.

Here are the Top 10 Things you should know about The Flintstones from
1. The Flintstones is set in the Stone Age and follows the lives of a working class family.
2. The first cartoon was broadcast on American TV in 1960 and the last six years later.
3. There were 166 episodes.
4. Each was set in the Stone Age town of Bedrock, also called Rockville in early episodes.
5. The theme tune was one of the most recognised kids TV theme tunes among British adults, according to one survey.
6. There are several Flintstones theme parks in the US.
7. Fred Flintstone, the main character, is an accident prone quarry worker.
8. Fred's voice was provided by Alan Reed and Jackie Gleason. Mel Blanc was responsible for Barney's. 
9. The show was originally going to be called The Flagstones.
10. The theme tune was created by Hoyt Curtin.

Hair Drama - 3rd Attempt

In July 2009, I wrote a blog titled The drama that is my hair and the following month I wrote Good hair days are back again.

This year, I seem to be having more hair drama.

So after I arrived in SA, as per usual - I went for my haircut. I walked out with wet hair and only blow dried the following week (I have it tied up most of the time). After I did that, I realized that my hair wasn't layered as I wanted it.

I go back to have it trimmed. I want the layered look. When I dry and iron it a few days later, I see that it's still not how I want it. The following day, I admire someone's hair and they tell me who they went to.

So I went to this "new" person and told her what I wanted. She cut off a lot - including the dead ends I was really wanting to get rid of.

On Friday, October 1 2010 I had a colour slapped on and had it dried properly. This is the end result. What do you think (Errr, I'm the one on the right...The dude on the left is my brother!) What do you think?

Jozi (10) OR Tambo

I'm very early for my flight, but I still check in and go through. I spend about 3 hours (yes, 3 hours!) at Wimpy with my music and my book. When it's time to board at 19:30, I'm more than ready to leave the airport and him my hometown!

Jozi (9) Good bye, Jozi!

So - do I like Jo'burg? Yes!

Granted it was a long weekend, but it wasn't as scary as I anticipated and also, the people were pretty friendly.

I'll elaborate on this post later.

Jozi (8) Melrose Arch

Melrose Arch
We go to Melrose Arch and have lunch at Grand Central. We walk around for a bit, have coffee and then head to Sandton Station to be on my way to OR Tambo.

Jozi (7) The Chilli Boy

Taken from The Chilli Boy website:
THE CHILLI BOY is a theatrical phenomenon that has had South African audiences flocking to theatres over the past few years. Writer, Geraldine Naidoo, has cleverly created a hilarious play that tackles issues of cultural identity, racial difference and masculinity in an extraordinary and highly entertaining way. After sell-out seasons in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and London’s West End, THE CHILLI BOY continues its spiraling success as one of the best theatrical productions in the world today.

I thoroughly enjoy the show and afterwards we head to News Cafe for a bite before going home.

Jozi (6) Soweto

We arrive in Soweto and head to Maponya Mall. DJ Black Coffee is on the decks trying to break a record of spinning for 60 hours. The crowd outside is growing, but we window shop a bit and then have lunch at Primi Piatti before catching a movie.

We watch Just Wright with the lovely Queen Latifah before heading to Jo'burg Theater for The Chilli Boy.

Jozi (5) Saturday Morning

On Saturday morning, we have breakfast at the most delicious bakery/deli/coffee shop called Fournos. We then go to Melville for a walk around. We see the poster advertising The Chill Boy which is a one-man show so we go to the Jo'burg Theater to book tickets, and then... we make our way to Soweto!

Jozi (4) We Are Family - Bollywood film

After lunch at Monte Casino, AK and I decide to watch a Bollywood film: We are Family starring Kajol, Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor. The film was directed by Siddharth Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar. I feel pretty close to this film because last year I met a friend of Malhotra's in Seoul and he told me about the "exciting film that Siddharth was working on in Australia" at the time.

We Are Family movie poster
Throughout its production process, I was following tweets from the director and producer for articles I was writing. Reviews of the film warned that it would pull at heart strings and oh damn... did it?! The film is an adaption of the Hollywood movie, Stepmom.

After the film, we go out for drinks and then head home and turn in.

Jozi (3) Brightwater Commons

Brightwater Commons
On my way to the airport in EL, I realize that my black eyeliner is finished and I don't have a back up. So my priority (yes, priority!) is to get to Clicks and buy one. AK and I go to Brightwater Commons soon after I arrive.

There's a young girl doing some kind of promotion for a spa outside the entrance of Clicks.

Promo Girl: Ladies, I'm going to offer you a manicure, pedicure and massage for only R200. How does that sound?

AK and I are already bought. R200? Hell yes! So Promo Girl takes our name and contact details and then asks us to sign.

I take the pamphlet from her and ask her what the fine print is that we need to sign.

Promo Girl: Oh, nothing. You just need to be over 18 years old...

She rambled on a few other things and we figured out that the appointments are only from Monday.

Me: ...but I'm leaving on Sunday, I won't be here then.

AK: Can't we get any appointment this week-end?

Promo Girl: Well, you can call them (points to a number and then looks at me) and tell them that you're going back to Durban.

What? What???

Jozi (2) OR Tambo & Gautrain

Smooth, slick and smart!
Trying to find the Gautrain isn't very difficult, and when I find it the staff are friendly and helpful. I pay R110 - R10 for the card and R100 for the trip to Sandton Station. Waiting for the train, there is a lady who opens a juice, but a security guard comes to her and tells her that fines for eating/drinking are up to R700.

When I board the train, I'm reminded so much of Korea - when I'd ride the subway! It's such a gorgeous day in Jo'burg. I arrive in Sandton and meet AK who's waiting for me.

Place to store your luggage
About to pull out from OR Tambo Station
Sandton Station

Jozi (1) The idea to go

Friday, September 24 is Heritage Day in South Africa (which meant a long weeekend) My brother was going to be out of town for gigs the entire week, and I wanted to meet my friend AK who’s now living in Johannesburg. We haven’t seen each other since before I left for Korea. Another reason for visiting the City of Gold was to see what it’s “really” like. The previous times I’d been to Jo’burg was for family occasions so our trips were just from the airport – home – airport. I’d spend two nights in Jo’burg. Arrive on Friday and back home on Sunday.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Blog!

Today, my blog celebrates its 5th birthday! 

I don't think I've really acknowledged its past birthdays, but I think five years is a milestone.

In my 3rd year of Journalism at university, I was having a casual chat with a friend/classmate, Carly Ritz. We were sitting at the Theater Cafe downstairs from the Journalism Department when we got onto the topic of blogging. On my way back to res, I kept thinking about our chat on blogs and thought I'd like to give it a try. So what if no one reads it? It'll motivate me to write...vent - whatever. And so this blog was born.

I wrote my first blog post on Tuesday, September 27 2005. It was just a paragraph. I'm not quite sure what happened after that, but I didn't write another entry for the rest of the year.

On Sunday, April 2 2006 I published my second blog entry titled Thinking of myself as a raced subject where I wrote about a particular assignment in my Journalism and Media Studies class.

At the time, I was a columnist for a magazine, and every month I would email it to family and friends. Then I decided that I should publish my columns on my blog so that others could read and comment on them. For a while after that, life got in the way and I neglected my blog. So it sat in cyberspace collecting dust.

I rekindled my relationship with my blog when I moved to Korea in 2007. To give you an idea of how my blog posts increased each year, the number of posts are indicated in (brackets)

2005 (1)
2006 (54)
2007 (125)
2008 (205)
2009 (514)
2010 (414) up to September 27

My blog has heard (seen?) it all from me. I blogged when every imaginable emotion filled me - happiness, sadness, anger, disgust. I wrote about movies I watched, books I read, music I was listening to, my travels and life as a teacher living in a foreign country.

I've written blogs choking back tears. When I hit Publish and sent it out there for the world to read my woes, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

One of my most popular blog posts which sparked a nerve with many people was written last year. I was at a staff dinner when something vicious roared through my body. You can read it here. That blog also opened up amazing friendships, with people emailing me commending me on how brave I was to be so open.

My blog has been a constant friend. It listens to anything and everything I have to say. Does it talk back to me? Of course it does! It talks back in the form of reader's comments and e-mails. From that, I've met people from around the world and have learned so much from them sharing their experiences with me as well.

Anyway, if you're reading this...thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Second Chance

Got this in an e-mail from my buddy, Ajay.

Guide to a Better Life

I got this in an email from my buddy, Ajay:

Guide to a Better Life
by Dr Randy Pausch


1. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 

2. Don't have negative thoughts of things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment 

3. Don't over do; keep your limits 

4. Don't take yourself so seriously; no one else does 

5. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Midnight Ramblings

Sigh. For the past two hours, I've typed, backspaced, deleted and re-typed. Everything I wanted to write is swimming on the surface of my mind. It was a bit hard for me to write a full blog post (or several) and I need to get some sleep, but I needed to write something before I wrap this day up. Perhaps once I see it written down, it will inspire me to elaborate more on them and I will write full-length blogs.

  • Everything we do is filled with emotion 

If this wasn't the case, we'd be dead. Very often, we turn a deaf ear to our feelings and don't act accordingly. If you're sad, ask yourself why? Did someone upset you? Did you disappoint yourself? This afternoon I found myself feeling angry about something. I felt irritated. I actually verbalized this to my mum. "I feel angry, but I don't know why." When I hit rewind in my mind, I remembered what struck that feeling. I felt so silly feeling angry over something so trivial. I let it go. The point I'm trying to make is that emotions are that strong, that we can even tend to lose focus on what sparked it in the first place.

  • It's not all about you

If someone doesn't reply a message (of any medium), why assume that they're avoiding you or upset with you? I tend to do this from time to time. I wreck my mind thinking of reasons why, and I begin to doubt myself. Speaking from experience, let me say that it's hell. You begin to conjure up conversations - maybe even confrontations - with the other person and strong emotions will overwhelm you. Why? Why have this little conflict in your mind when you don't know what's really going on? When you eventually get to the bottom of it, you may even find that you wasted valuable energy on something that was actually...nothing.

  • Take off the boxing gloves
Lisa Nichols (in a section from The Secret) speaks about proverbial "boxing gloves". We all have them and use them to beat ourselves up (figuratively...I hope!) My boxing gloves rarely get taken off. I beat myself up over so many things which in the end mean nothing really.

There's a lot more to write, but I think that's for another post.
Now, I sleep.

Happy Birthday, Tweety Bird!

Got this in an e-mail from my dad...Tweety Bird turns 60!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Tuesday, August 24 2010

On our way home!
We landed in sunny East London and were met by my dad, "big bro" Vijayan, Donovan and Gershwin - who work for my dad. After loading all our luggage into one car, we were on our way home...where I was going to meet (for the first time) Zelda, a little Jack Russell who adopted our family last year. To say she's stolen my heart is an understatement. Who wouldn't fall in love with this gorgeous face?

Ms Zelda Makhan

Good morning, Jozi!

Tuesday, August 24 2010

...and on Tuesday morning, we arrived in Johannesburg. There was a confusion with our domestic tickets (Johannesburg to East London), but it was sorted out without much hassle and after a quick snack at Wimpy, we boarded our final flight home! I love the moment when I arrive in Johannesburg...especially hearing South African accents.

And...we're on our way home!

Leaving Singapore

Monday, August 23 2010

It was another hot day in Singapore. We spent the morning and afternoon walking down Orchard Road. We had brunch at Wendy's and stayed there for a while to escape the heat. Also, Darmesh and I had Wi-fi access there (something we were missing terribly from Korea). After a while, we went back to the hotel and prepared to make our way to the airport.

Clear skies in Singapore
We were very early so walked around a bit, shopped, and sat at Dunkin' Donuts for a while, only to notice that we were sitting next to those foot massager's that are all over Changi airport! Not long after that, we were on our way home!

Manila Hijacking

Sunday, August 22 2010

When we got back to the hotel from Universal Studios, we got to learn about the hijacking / hostage situation that was taking place in Manila (Philippines). We watched live footage in horror of an ex-cop who took a bus load of Hong Kong tourists hostage.

Read the story here.

Universal Studios

Sunday, August 22 2010

Darmesh, mum & me
The last time I was in Singapore, Universal Studios was under construction. I don't think it needs much introduction, but some of the things we saw: Madgascar merry-go-round, lunch at an old-fashioned diner, Hollywood (experienced what it's like to be on a set), streets of New York, Sci-fi city, Egypt, Jurassic Park, Fiona's (Shrek) castle, Shrek 4D movie, Donkey show.

This could very well have been the hottest day in Singapore. We arrived at Universal Studios pretty early, but as the day progressed and the heat became more intense, I began to feel weak and even sick. Nevertheless, looking back at my photos now, I think this was the highlight of our few days in Singapore.


Madagascar merry-go-round

Lunch at Mel's Diner

Look who Darmesh bumped into!

At Hollywood "studios"

On a movie "set"

Mum & Darmesh on streets of New York


Mum with someone from Sci-fi City

Jurassic Park

Fiona's (Shrek) Castle - Far Far Away

Waiting in line with Darmesh to see Shrek 4D movie

Sentosa Island

Sunday, August 22 2010

In the afternoon we went to Sentosa Island. We went up this revolving viewing tower that overlooked the whole island...pretty awesome!

We went to the museum (Images of Singapore) Check out my blog from the last time I was there.

Images of Singapore (Museum)

Next stop was Underwater World (aquarium). Also, take a look at my blog from my last visit.

You can put your hand in and touch the fish
Lastly, we went to Songs of the Sea (laser / water show) which was just incredible. Again, here's my blog from the last time I was there.

Just before the show started
After we got back to the city from Sentosa Island, we went for dinner and then back to the hotel. It was a long day, and we were becoming more anxious to get back home to South Africa in 2 days time!

Little India

Sunday, August 22 2010

After a light brekkie at Starbucks (next door to our hotel), we spent the morning in Little India.  I'd been to Little India before and had the best bhel puri ever! I had to find that place again. It was also very hot, making us feel very listless. We eventually stopped for lunch at a place that was open (many restaurants weren't open yet (it being Sunday and all). 

We went back to the hotel for a quick nap, because we were going to spend the afternoon and evening on Sentosa Island.

Found my bhel puri spot!

For a few more pics of Little India, check out my blog from the last time I was in Singapore in 2008.

Orchard Road

Saturday, August 21 2010

Because we got to bed so late, we went for brunch to an Indian restaurant just a few steps away from our hotel. I'd already been to this restaurant on my previous trip. 



Masala Tea
We then walked down Orchard Road. We went to Singapore Airlines in Ion Mall to change our flight back to South Africa.  Walking around the mall, and comparing prices to South Africa, everything seemed to be very expensive.

We had pizza for dinner at a place near our hotel. The heat drained us...all we wanted was to flop into bed when we got back to the hotel. 
By dinner time, we were exhausted! The heat was unbearable.