Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beijing (11) The Great Wall

Beijing (1) The idea to go
Beijing (2) Leaving Korea
Beijing (3) Arriving in Beijing
Beijing (4) Welcome on the bus 
Beijing (5) Lunch on Saturday PM
Beijing (6) Forbidden City is Closed
Beijing (7) Cute Pandas
Beijing (8) Summer Palace
Beijing (9) Flying Acrobatic Show
Beijing (10) Hotel & Dinner

Sunday, February 14 2010

It's freezing. After about an hour drive, we arrive at the Great Wall. I'm very excited - it's been one of my dreams to see the Great Wall and to actually be on it. We have to take a cable car up to the area we're going to. 

Even the walk just to get to the cable car is tiring!

Through my travels, I think I've overcome a few fears - namely: that of heights. This is the third cable car ride I've been on. The first was on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. The second was in Singapore to go to Sentosa Island and now in Beijing.

Up, up and away!


Aerial shot of the Great Wall. We were quite high here.


Don't let these steps fool you. They are steep!


 I wouldn't dare!


Our group


I hardly have photos of myself on my travels, but here is one!


One just can't imagine how this wall snakes along the mountain.



This is one of my favourite shots


I was really nervous about these steps, but I made it!



Beijing (12) Great Wall Shopping


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