Friday, February 19, 2010

Beijing (1) The idea to go

While preparing for my Egypt trip, I was browsing through my travel agent's website when I saw "Lunar Beijing Tour". It was a package tour for two nights. I had a look at the itinerary and it seemed very exciting, including sites like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

It also appealed to me because my travel agent would organize the visa for me. I can't stand the admin that comes with organizing visas.

The Visa

I arrived back in Korea on January 31 from Egypt. The Chinese visa takes five working days to process and I was worried because I was pressed for time. To obtain a Chinese visa is 50,000 Won (about $50 US) and for it to be processed express would cost an additional 30,000 Won ($30 US).  I'd have to mail my passport, photo, documents and ARC (alien registration card) to my agent as soon as possible.

I went to the post office on Wednesday to send at 5pm and my agent received my passport and other documents the next morning. It was sent back to me and I had it by Tuesday the following week. Fantastic!

Preparing for the trip

I've done almost no preparation for this trip. I've spent my days recovering from Egypt and blogging about that trip. The night before I leave, I attempt packing. I don't know what kind of clothes to take with me. I know it will be cold, and I hate wearing bulky jackets.

I do some online reading about some if the places I'll be seeing. I sleep around 1am.

Beijing (2) Leaving Korea


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