Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beijing (23) Temple of Heaven

Beijing (1) The idea to go
Beijing (2) Leaving Korea
Beijing (3) Arriving in Beijing
Beijing (4) Welcome on the bus 
Beijing (5) Lunch on Saturday PM
Beijing (6) Forbidden City is Closed
Beijing (7) Cute Pandas
Beijing (8) Summer Palace
Beijing (9) Flying Acrobatic Show
Beijing (10) Hotel & Dinner
Beijing (11) Great Wall
Beijing (12) Great Wall Shopping
Beijijng (13) Lunch on Sunday PM
Beijing (14) Ming Tombs
Beijing (15) Traditional Tea House
Beijing (16) Peking Duck Dinner
Beijing (17) Shopping for Munchies
Beijing (18) Olympic Stadium at Night
Beijing (19) Just me and Jackie Chan
Beijing (20) Tiananmen Square
Beijing (21) Forbidden City
Beijing (22) Silk Factory

Monday, February 15 2010

Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties used to visit this temple for annual ceremonies of prayer to Heaven for good harvest.

The blue colour symbolizes the sky (heaven) and the green symbolizes the common people on earth. It's so beautiful :)

Here too, the place seemed to feel commercialized so I wasn't moved much. Still, one definitely appreciates the intricate details in the artwork.


Here, some people are playing traditional Chinese games or playing cards.









Beijing (24) Hutong Tour


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