Saturday, February 6, 2010

Egypt (27) Short, Sweet & Deep

Monday, January 25 2010 

Lunch is in a few hours and then I'm going on a felucca ride down the Nile. Remember, it's midday and we've not eaten all morning.

There are boats docked on either side of ours so we have to walk through the one to get to ours. When we arrive in the boat, we wait at the bar area near reception.

Waheed offers to take me to a little store to buy a few snacks while another guy stays behind with my mum.

As we walk out, I become very aware of how damn good this man smells! We walk down a dirt road passing some construction work and donkeys. The donkeys seem to be less phased about the number of flies around.

At first, he's walking on my left side, but then moves to my right side so that I'm not walking near the passing traffic.

"We have to look after our Egyptian women so today you will be like an Egyptian woman!"

Suit. Smells good. Gentleman. Ching ching ching!

Walking back to the boat, our conversation is scattered, yet feels a bit serious for a first chat. We talk about how he's not been working out to his friends to his philosophies in life. All this within ten minutes.

Back on the boat, we meet my mum again. She says something about Waheed and I exchanging numbers or email addresses, to which he says something like, "No, that wouldn't be appropriate." He says this drawn out while looking at me. I tell him, "Of course we can." He tells me he has several email addresses and that he'll be sending me a message by lunch time.


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