Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Egypt (13) Istanbul: Snow Storm

After the Grand Bazaar, we go to a coffee shop where we will wait for the driver to pick us to head to the airport. It's snowing heavily that it's hard to even walk with eyes fully opened.

It was snowing so heavily that we couldn't even open our eyes!

Chocolate-covered coffee beans: addictive!

Coffee Shop

Sitting in the coffee shop, I start to panic a bit. Dilek tells us that there's a possibility flights will be delayed or canceled. Now it's nearly 5pm. My flight is in another 6 hours. My mind starts racing. What if I get stranded at the airport? I'm meant to arrive in Cairo at 2am, go to the hotel to meet my mum and get ready for our tour which will begin at 8am. I already picture my mum's face when I call her to tell her she'd have to start the tour without me. This can't happen. I've flown for over 10 hours. I'm merely 2 hours away from Egypt. Please God, don't let my flight be canceled.

When the driver finally arrives, Diaa assures me that everything will be fine and that we'll take off safely. After an hour, we arrive at the airport. I'm grateful we've arrived safely, but I still won't be at peace until I'm sitting in the aircraft taking off. We have many hours ahead of us, so Diaa and I find a place to sit and pass the time.

Diaa in the snow

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