Friday, February 5, 2010

Egypt (16) Meeting mum, breakfast and Dana

Sunday, January 24 2010

Of course, my mum is awake and waiting for me at 04:30! I'm far from tired. I give her everything I've brought from Korea to take home to South Africa, and in turn she also gives me a bunch of snacks that she's brought for me. I can't even think of lying down. If I do, I know I won't get up for the next few hours. I take a shower and get ready for breakfast, which consists of the usual cereals, yoghurt, fruit, eggs and some traditional Egyptian dishes. We fall in love with falafel!

After breakfast, we wait in the lobby and a lady approaches us. Her name is Dana. She has a beautiful complexion and curly hair. She will be our tour guide for the day. As we walk towards the bus, my mum introduces me to the man that picked her up from the airport, Zee. He comments on how alike we look. He looks like a kind man and I immediately get a warm vibe about him.

In a few minutes, we head off to Giza to see the pyramids.

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