Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grey-scaled logo's for late former SKO Pres

After the death of the former president of Korea, online newspapers and search engines grey-scaled their logo's. The entire country was in mourning and even nightclubs canceled "Club Night" in Hongdae on Friday.

This image is from Naver ~ largest search engine/news site in the country

This is from the online paper, Chosun

Good Bye, May~!

I had a fairly nice and relaxing week-end. I caught up with old high school and university friends online. I thought I was going to relax all week-end, but I got a call on Saturday afternoon from my co-teacher. I have lesson plans due tomorrow and Tuesday. And I have to have an Open Class for my after school on June 15 for the parents.

Today I finally got to cleaning my apartment. Procrastination is a killer! I forgot how therapeutic cleaning is :) At least I can come home to a squeaky clean apartment this week. I also packed away my winter bedding - it's getting warmer everyday, and I'm using my aircon more these days.

I have a busy week ahead of me. Giving my Grade 5 and 6's a test on 10 weeks worth of Classroom English that I've taught them. That means 15 classes. Average - 36 students in each class ... that's how many papers I have to mark :)

Determined to start gym again tomorrow.
Also hoping to buy tickets to the Pussyscat Dolls Doll Domination Concert next week in Seoul.

May is over... can't believe it. It's been a rollercoaster month, with me being ill. But let's hope the worst is over and I can look forward to a good month of June.

Good night, everyone xxx

Farewell to former SKo President

Photo taken from Korean Times

On Saturday, May 23 2009 the former president of South Korea, Roh Moo-hyun committed suicide. He was 62He ended his life by jumping off a cliff . He served as president of South Korea from 2003 to 2008. His funeral was on Friday, May 29 2009.

The entire country has been in mourning this week. More on the story here.

What's happening up North?

Some people have asked me what's going on in North Korea and what the vibe is like here in South Korea. It appears as though the situation has gained more media attention abroad than it has here. This entire past week, South Korea has been in mourning over the late former president, Roh Moo-hyun.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday night de-stress

I almost NEVER say *TGIF* but this week (Friday, May 29 2009) was long and stressful for me. After teaching 4th Graders for the entire day, my co-teacher and I had to go to an Open Class of another foreign teacher at a school in Do-chang Dong (Do-chang Elementary School).

After that, I met some of the 6th grade teachers and we had dinner at my favourite barley restaurant (bo-ri-bap). It was just 6 of us... (again, the single teachers!) I couldn't wait for this evening to de-stress and let go of the stresses of the week.

Hyeon-jeong, Hye-won and Joo-hye

After dinner, we went to Garten Beer~

With No-su

At Garten Beer, there are these 'coolers' in the table.
It ices up, and your drinks are *always* chilled.

Anju is the Korean name for food you have with drinks~
Sausage & potato wedges

Fruit salad

We got this pineapple for free

Seafood soup

There was this message send a text message to a number, and within seconds,
it appears on this screen. Sending the text is free of charge.
We had fun sending messages to e'other ;)

Thursdays are MY Mondays!

Thursdays are to me what Monday's are to everyone else. I teach 3rd Graders all day, one class of 4th Grade the end of the day, I teach the Kindergarten class.

On Thursday, May 28 2009 I had a really rough day with my class. I *know* kids are kids, but...They were really out of control. I kept looking at the clock, willing the time to fly so that I could leave. But just a few minutes after my Kinder-class, I had to teach an after school class~

These kids wouldn't stop wrestling with each other while I was teaching.

This boy is my little *terror*
He kept wanting to run and crash into me

Look at the little crown on her head :)

I LOVE this girl!
I just look at her face and my heart melts :)

Getting a perm: Korean style

Went with my friend to the hairdresser and saw this lady getting a 'perma'
Looks a bit hectic...!

Take out in Korea~

When you order food in Korea, it's delivered in re-usable dishes... you even get spoons & chopsticks. When you're done, you just leave the dirty dishes outside your door and someone from the restaurant will come and pick it up~ How cool and convenient is that?

Garlic, anyone?

Saw this going home from work the other day~

Baskin Robbins for Breakfast?

Before heading home (in the early hours of the morning)
we stopped for ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

New flavour, I think - but I didn't try it
Popcorn, nuts & fudge

Kicking it Japanese Style!

On Saturday, May 23 2009 I also met my friend, Angelina in Bucheon. We went to a Japanese bar and I had sake for the first time... actually much better that Korean soju.

Free tofu

Sake (chilled)

Salmon rolled in rice...

Alice T

On Saturday, May 23 2009 I was in Bucheon. My friend Ji-na and I went to this quaint coffee shop called Alice T. There's an option on the menu that if you order drinks you can eat for free. The buffet includes bread, mini croissants, rice, spaghetti and some fruit. However, if you don't finish the food you'll have to pay. So, your eyes can't be bigger than your stomach :) The interior has an Alice in Wonderland theme...

Seeing double?!

Some of the twins I teach~!

Grade 6 Open Class

On Wednesday, May 20 2009 the Grade 6 teachers had an Open Class for the parents.
(It was only for homeroom teachers)

No-su (6-8)

Hoong-joo (6-3)

Time to relax & de-stress
Head teacher pouring a drink for No-su

3 of the 4 guy teachers
Hoong-joo, Jeong-mo & Yong-un

Lunchtime with Grade 1-2

On Wednesday, May 20 2009 I spent the lunch hour with my friend Joo-hyeon and her Grade 1 class (1-2). At my school, there 2 Grade 6 students who go and help each Grade 1 teacher and their class during lunch time.

I taught this boy in Kindergarten last year~ so cute!

I taught her in Kindergarten last year as well~

My friend calls this boy Winnie the Pooh

Ending off Teacher's Day

After Paju, we went to Bucheon and hung out at a hoff. I didn't drink a drop of alcohol (I was still recovering from my Enteritis). So everytime everyone else drank, I drank my water!

Hyeon-jeong, Joo-hye & Hye-won

With Yong-un & No-su

Trip to Paju with 6th Grade teachers

On Friday, May 15 2009 the teachers got to go home early because it was Teacher's Day. So the 6th Grade staff traveled to Paju (near the Korean border). Our former principal moved there, so we went to visit him. We had dinner together, with *delicious* food. It was the first time I was eating out since I'd been ill~

Acorn jelly

Yong-un, Hung-joo, Jo Gun-seong, Joo-Hye

...with No-su

Jo Gun-seong & Joo-hye

Jo Gun-seong with my present

...with his tie that we all gave him as a present

There was a bee in our head teacher's hair...
obviously I HAD to take a pic before getting rid of it.

All the 6th grade teachers with former principal