Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Egypt (12) Istanbul: Grand Bazaar

Saturday, January 23 2010

We still have so much time left till we head back to the airport. Diaa and my flight are around the same time - 23:30. We go to the Grand Bazaar which is basically a souk. There's so much to see, and shopkeepers will do their best to lure you into their stores for hot tea and try to sell you their goods.

Many stores offer tea to customers

 Met this guy who could speak a bit of Korean!
Also, he dropped the price of a purse from $20 right down to $4!


Faizan said...

I would have totally bought those handmade hanging light shades.. in fact many of those but I can see how tough it'd be to carry them around :)

Sheetal said...

They're lovely, aren't they? But you're would have been difficult :-/ Next time!