Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beijing (2) Leaving Korea

Beijing (1) The idea to go

Saturday, January 13 2010

I leave my apartment around 06:20. Usually my building manager helps me get a cab, but it's too early. I'm grateful that I don't have to wait too long in the snow to get one. Also grateful that I don't slip while walking.

I could kick myself in the cab. I've forgotten to do one of the most important things that I always do before a trip. I forgot to check the currency situation.

I call my brother (yes, in South Africa!) and he goes online to give me the information I need.

I'm feeling anxious and I worry that the airport is going to be very busy with Lunar New Year travelers.

To my absolute delight, there's no queue to check in! As always I request an aisle seat and hope that no one asks to swap seats with me.

After changing my currency, I make my way to my boarding gate. All the airport staff are dressed in traditional Korean clothes and there are some performances, like this one where they're making Korean rice cakes.

I still have 30 minutes before I board so I go for a Cafe Mocha at Gloria Jean's. There are so many foreigners traveling today and I wonder which of them will be in my tour group.

For the first time in ages, the seat between the girl sitting against the window and me is empty. The girl tells me she is from China, studying in Korea and she's going home to visit her family for the lunar new year weekend. She doesn't talk much, but it's OK. I can catch up on sleep!

Breakfast is tasteless. I'm yet to come across a vegetarian option that's actually good. This was just something like noodles and aubergines. Didn't eat it.

Beijing (3) Arriving in Beijing

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