Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Egypt (3) Turkish Airlines

Friday, January 22 2010

As I board the aircraft, I wonder if all male flight attendants are cute, or am I just lucky to get them on my flights? It's my first time flying Turkish Airlines and the interior of the aircraft is bright turquoise. Even the blanket and slippers are the same colour.

I was early to check in, so I'm lucky to get the seat I requested. I'm sitting in an aisle seat near the front. It's quite spacious and comfortable. I don't settle in just yet in case someone is sitting next to me. When she arrives, she seems clumsy with her big bag, newspapers, books and jacket. I offer to stand up so she can take her seat, but she prefers to fumble over me instead.

A girl comes from behind me to talk to the girl sitting next to me. I've been through this before and I already start preparing myself for what's to happen next.

"Excuse me, can you please change seats with me?" This has happened a few times when I travel alone. My gripe is, if friends want to sit together, why can't they check in together?

At first I hesitate and am on the verge of being irritated. I could be her in the future - how would I feel if someone acted like a bitch and wouldn't let me sit next to my friend?

"It's aisle seat," she says as I gather my bag and follow her to the back of the aircraft. Way back. It even feels more cramped there. I find myself in the middle of a Korean tour group who are very excited and fidgety. I sit next to (what I assume) is a mother with two teenage daughters. They aren't very friendly.

I've pre-booked a special meal option. As a flight attendant passes me, I try to get her attention to tell her that I've changed seats. She disregards me. I think she'll come back to me, but she doesn't.

As we take off, my eyes are heavy and sleepy. Lovely! I'm soon interrupted when dinner is served. It's sweet and sour fish. I don't like anything sweet and sour....and definitely not at 00:30.

The bread roll is rock hard and I'm left with what looks like saw dust after trying to cut it.

I fall asleep and wake up to watch a Bollywood movie, Rab Ne Bana De Jodi. I fall in love with Shah Rukh Khan's character. Have you seen the film? He is adorable! I fall asleep during the first quarter and have to start over and fast forward to the scene I remembered watching last.

I drift in and out of sleep. I hope when I wake up again, the captain will be saying we're about to land....

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