Friday, April 17, 2009

....Just a few more hours~!

In 8 hours, I'll be on my way to SA. Stopping over in Dubai for 6 hours. I've made sure my iPod's fully charged! More updates from SA~!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

...and the winner is~

My brother, DJ DAMAGE is the Eastern Cape winner for the DJ competition, "The Next Best Thing". Check out the link...and watch his 12 minutes of fame on TV last week (on his birthday!)

Morning kids~

These 2 little kids (brother & sister) wait for their kindergarten bus every morning with their mum. They are *so cute & greet me every morning...!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday in Insa-dong

On Saturday, April 11 2009 my friend, Joo-hyeon & I went shopping in Insa-dong ~ one of my favourite places in Seoul. It's traditional and modern at the same time...

This is the only Starbucks in Korea where
the name is written in Hangul (Korean lettering)

Cooling off with delicious plum tea~

Bee Boy

On Friday, April 10 2009 We had an interruption during our 4th Grade English class today when a bumblebee flew in.

As you can imagine, the kids went crazy...but one boy in particular...was *terrified*! He asked to go to the bathroom, but came back a few seconds later to see where the bee was! I think he thought the bee was going to follow him.

He didn't concentrate at ALL during the lesson, and sat almost frozen in his seat. I felt so sorry for him and kept trying to assure him that I wouldn't let him get hurt. I'm almost certain I saw beads of sweat on his forehead!

He's the boy in red~!

My friend, Ki-young

My good friend, Ki-young is now on maternity leave. We've had some awesome times together...and I'm going to miss her at work~ but I know she's going to make an incredible mum!

Hanging out in Seoul

On Wednesday, April 8 2009 ...some schools were closed. So my friend, Joo-hyeon and I hit Seoul. We didn't do much except eat & walk around....~

Lunch @ Subway in Itaewon

Belly dancing outfits~

Black Forest ice cream @ Cold Stone in Myeong-dong

Dinner: Salmon Salad in Bucheon

Happy Birthday, Noonoo!

On Wednesday, April 8 2009 was my brother's birthday~
...miss you too much :(

The Next Best Thing

As some of you know, my brother is a DJ (DJ Damage) and last week he took part in a competition called The Next Best Thing ~ a search for South Africa's hottest DJ. This pic is really small and was taken from the site ... but does he look awesome or what...?! Viewers will vote for finalists from each province and a final play off for the whole of SA will take place after that. I'm *SO* proud of him~ you can check out his 12 mins of fame on TV on the site as well...

Grade 6 Singles

On Saturday, April 4 2009....after a long day at school, the 6th grade teachers (all the singles) went out shopping to Seoul and then hung out at a bar in Bucheon.

No-Su was feeling a bit depressed, so ... Yong-Un peeled this pic off the soju bottle and stuck it to the bottom of the shot glass. So... when No-Su took 'one shot', he'd see this sexy singer (Hyeori-Lee). Didn't really cheer him up though :(

Yong-un & No-su

At 10pm, No-su & I went scouting for ice cream and came
back with a pint from Baskin Robbins~

School on Saturday

In Korea, school is in session every second Saturday. Foreign English teachers don't work on Saturdays, but last week, Saturday, April 4 2009 I went in to catch up on work. The 6th graders had a lot of fun... ~

My little terror in class, Yong-in

I taught this boy in 2007 in elementary school.
This year he's in his 2nd year at middle school!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

On Saturday, March 28 2009 was my dad's birthday!
Counting the hours till I see you, daddy~!

Dinner with prinipal

In an effort to get to know teachers better, our new school principal had dinner with teachers of each grade on a different day. The 6th grade teachers went out on Tuesday, March 31 2009.

The guys of 6th Grade
No-su, Hung-joo, Jeong-mo & Yong-un

Principal pouring a drink for Eun-mi


My big sister, Joo-hye & big brother, No-su

Pah-jon (like a spring onion pancake)

Hong-il & Hye-jin's baby

After being many days overdue, my friends, Hong-il & Hye-jin's baby FINALLY arrived on Tuesday, March 17 2009. I went to visit the baby on Saturday, March 28 2009. Handsome little guy ~!

Hong-il & Hye-jin

White Day ~ March 14

In Korea, Valentines Day is celebrated different~

February 14 ~ Red Day (Girls give guys)
March 14 ~ White Day (Guys give girls)
April 14 ~ Black Day (Singles celebrate)

I got Hershey's Kisses from my friend, Sang-gu
...and No-su gave all the lady teachers Ferrero Rocher's ~

6th Grade Social

On Friday, March 13 2009 the 6th Grade Staff had the first social of the year. It was an awesome evening.... great food at a restaurant in Bucheon. The social lasted for nearly... 11 hours!!!!!


In some Korean restaurants, you cook your meat at the table
(Remember I don't eat meat!)

The seating was kinda cool... I've gotten used to sitting on the floor

An-suk, Eun-mi & Joo-hye

Hye-won & Hyeon-jeong

With the 2 head teachers
Jeong-mo & Hung-joo

Then we went to a bar called Asimo

Eun-mi, No-su, Jeong-mo, me & Hung-Joo

Green tea cake

...and then to another bar
with Yong-un & No-su

...and to another bar (final round) @ 3:30am