Sunday, April 13, 2008

My brother ~ "THE NEXT BEST THING"

My brother (DJ DAMAGE) was recently chosen as one of 6 DJ's in the Eastern Cape to compete in the national "The Next BIG Thing" DJ competition.

He played in Port Elizabeth last night (Round 2 of the competition)
... Here he is:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Strawberries everywhere!

Strawberries are in season here and are absolutely everywhere!

Big shots at middle school...

These are four of my students from last year. They're at middle school now, but pop in every and then to visit their 6th grade homeroom teacher. They look so grown up in their school uniform :) In Korean public schools, kids only start wearing uniforms when they start middle school...

Kids say the &*^%$ things...

He's cute, right?! He's one of my 3rd graders... I split the class into teams, and while I was giving instructions this little one who was sitting at the back of the classroom was showing me the middle finger. When I asked his team what name they chose for their team, he said "F*ck you team". I had to bite my tongue from laughing...

Royal Birthday Banquet

On Wednesday, 19 March '08 I attended a re-enactment of a birthday banquet that was held by a king to display his devotion to his mother over two centuries ago.

The 90-minute performance was titled "Royal Court Banquet Music - Music of Peace, Dream of the Dynasty". Although it was slow-paced (I heard a man snoring!), the colours of the costumes were absolutely spectacular...

Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra

A few weeks ago (Friday, 7 March '08) I attended a concert by the Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra. Gum Nanse is the charming and renowned conductor of the orchestra. It was a musical journey that I wish I could capture on video ~ but couldn't!