Saturday, February 6, 2010

Egypt (26) Arriving in Aswan

Monday, January 25 2010

As soon as we enter the airport, I notice a man wearing a suit holding a sign with the name of a tour company. His name is Waheed and he's come to pick us up and take us to our cruise boat.

In Cairo, our guide, Dana told us that the people in Aswan and Luxor are darker in complexion. I notice this immediately and realize I may as well be somewhere in South Africa.

Three other guys from the same company jump into the bus with us. Immediately they begin to talk to us as though we've been friends.

Even though they're dressed in suits and ties, they joke around and tease each other like high school boys. They tell me that they call Waheed Mr Serious because that's what he is - unlike them: free spirited.

One guy gives me a rose with a tag that says Police Day. He tells me he forgot to write his name on of, so I joke and tell him to add his number and email address as well.

I show them a few photos of my students I teach and one guy asks if I have any photos of me during summer time. Really? These guys are so not shy-even with my mum right next to me!


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