Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grade 6 Graduation - 2010

On Friday, February 12 2010, the 6th Graders graduated from Elementary School. This lot is very special to me, because when I started teaching in Korea in '07, they were my youngest students... and now they're all grown up and moving to middle school!

It was pretty sad saying bye to them, because they're really nice kids.

People selling flowers outside the school for the graduates!



I went to every class (6-1 to 6-8)  to say good bye.
This is one of my favourite classes: 6-6!


Parents standing in the back (taking loads of pics!)


The school principal giving a speech.


They're brother-sister. 
When I arrived in Korea in '07, he was a senior, and she was a junior!


Snacks for teachers at lunch time


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