Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome Dinner for new Principal

The new academic year began on Monday, March 2. Our school has a new principal and on Wednesday, March 4 we had a welcome dinner for her at the same place (Seafood Blue in Bucheon)

With some of the 6th Grade teachers

Poem being read to the new principal
(by my co-teacher, Ina)

New principal with Yong-un (6th grade teacher) and Ina (my co-teacher)

New teachers welcomed to the school

With the 2 head teachers of 6th Grade (gun guys!)


After the dinner, I went out with 3 teachers for cocktails ~

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Also, on March 1 was my mother's birthday :)
Love you & miss you, mummy xxx

Baby Sung-yeon

On Sunday, March 1 I spent the afternoon with my friend Sun-young & her husband. They had a baby in September ~ Sung-yeon. She is *gorgeous* ...and she loves the camera!

Sim-Cheong Performance

On Saturday, February 28 2009 I went to a performance at the Bucheon Gymnasium. The name of the show was Sim-Cheong and it's about a young girl whose mother died at childbirth. She's left with her blind father who she is totally devoted to~

Seo-yang Dam

On Thursday, February 26 I went on a little road trip (about 2 hours away)
to Seo-yang Dam in Chun-Cheon

Hanging out in Myeong-dong

On Tuesday, February 24 2009 I went to Myeong-dong in Seoul... one of my favourite areas. Cool atmosphere... shopping, restaurants, coffee shops ~

Grade 6 Staff Social

After the lunch at Seafood Blue (also on Thursday, February 19) the Grade 6 staff had a final social. We went bowling....

...and then out for dinner

...and then to a Nore-bang (singing/karaoke room)
Check out the floor leading to the room!

Farewell/Retirement Lunch at Seafood Blue

On Thursday, February 19 2008 there was a farewell/retirement lunch at a Seafood Buffet called Seafood Blue in Bucheon. Amazing food!!! There was a 3rd Grade teacher retiring, and a few teachers (including the principal) who has moved to a new school.

The 6th Grade staff with Principal & Vice Principal

Former principal, Mr Jo

Cutting the cake

Letters from 4.1

One of my 4th Grade classes (4.1) wrote letters to me. They homeroom teacher compiled it for me and gave it to me at the end of the semester. Here are just some of the ones written in English. Check out the one with a pic of me with a bindi! ^^