Saturday, February 6, 2010

Egypt (50) Falafel Lunch

Egypt (1) The Idea to go
Egypt (2) Incheon Airport
Egypt (3) Turkish Airlines
Egypt (4) Breakfast is served and it's raining
Egypt (5) Istanbul: Hello Turkey!
Egypt (6) Istanbul: City Tour begins
Egypt (7) Istanbul: Turkish Islamic Art Museum
Egypt (8) Istanbul: Blue Mosque
Egypt (9) Istanbul: Blue Mosque Beanie Drama
Egypt (10) Istanbul: Lunch
Egypt (11) Istanbul: Hagia Sophia
Egypt (12) Istanbul: Grand Bazaar
Egypt (37) Mohammad, Airtime & Security Guy
Egypt (38) Dinner & Galabya Party
Egypt (39) Love Story - Photoshopped
Egypt (40) Temple of Horus, Edfu
Egypt (41) Sail to Luxor & Sundeck Shananigans
Egypt (42) Hello, Mr Sailor!
Egypt (43) Luxor TempleEgypt
Egypt (44) My Sundeck Proposal
Egypt (45) West Bank of Luxor & Colossi of Memnon
Egypt (46) Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
Egypt (47) Alabaster Factory
Egypt (48) Valley of the Kings
Egypt (49) Avenue of Sphinx

Thursday, January 28 2010

We don't want to stop at a restaurant for lunch. It would just eat into our time at Karnak Temple and we have to get back to the boat to be picked up for the airport.

We all agree to have lunch on the go and settle for falafel. Basically, it is a fried ball or patty made from ground chickpea or fava beans. It's served in a pita bread and topped with salads and sauce. Loved it!

Egypt (51) Karnak Temple


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