Thursday, February 4, 2016

Blog Challenge Day 3: One thing the world needs more of

I first heard the soundtrack of "My best friend's wedding" when I was in Canada in 2002. These songs make me feel nostalgic and I really love it. It brings back such wonderful memories.
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Blog Challenge Day 2: Someone I admire

Anyone who follows me on social media knows how I absolutely love my parents. My mum and dad have afforded my brother and I the best opportunities in life. For this blog post, instead of choosing only one person, I have decided to write about both my parents. I admire them equally. But, why? They have raised my brother and I with such valuable life skills that no amount of money can buy. They have given us more than what they had growing up and for that (and I can easily speak for my brother) we are forever grateful for that.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blog Challenge Day 1: Qualities I like about myself

I consider myself to be loyal friend. One who cares genuinely and listens intently. I think I am quite resilient and when I want something, i will stop at nothing until I get it! I try my best to see the good in everyone and believe that each person has the ability to overcome any adversity they are faced with. By no means do I claim to be a religious person or staunch follower of any given faith, but I believe that the power of prayer can do wonders. I love my parents and brother unconditionally and am indebted do them for the constant love and support they have never ceased to give me.