Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shopping Roleplay

We've started a new system in our English class. When the students do well in class or tests, we award them with "Dollars" (Sincheon Dollars) - Either $1 or $2. So, we had a shopping role play activity where they could "buy" snacks or stationery from our Restaurant and Market Zone.

But they had to memorize a dialogue:

Customer: Excuse me?
Shopkeeper: May I help you?
Customer: Yes please, how much is this cookie?
Shopkeeper: It's $2.
Customer: OK, I'll take you are (hand them the money)
Shopkeeper: Here's your change - thank you!

They had a great deal of fun, but... imagine having to say this dialogue OVER and OVER again. My head was sssssspinning !!!!!

5th Graders. The girl on the right is Ahn Seong-mi, one of my best students~

My co teacher, Mr Oh giving an example

Isn't he cute?!

Me helping a student remember the dialogue

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