Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My brother~

I had to do some serious DAMAGE CONTROL (excuse the pun) the night before I left back to Korea. I'd been running around like crazy with our out of town guests that I really neglected someone I shouldn't have... my brother.

After packing and doing last minute checks, it was after minute and we *finally* had some QT together. Talking, sharing...catching up.

Sometimes I can't believe what an incredible guy he is. When I left home a few years ago, he was my kid brother ~ Noonoo...but, he's really matured and grows wiser everyday - which is why there's a joke between us that he's like my second father :)

I miss him terribly and as ironic as it sounds, I feel like we've grown so much closer. He's the one I want to share corny jokes with and the first one I wanna call when I wanna vent.

Love ya, bro~!

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