Saturday, May 30, 2009

It aint gonna happen, guy...!

Waiting for my henna to dry and talking to the other tourists, there was a guy who worked at the camp who was sitting across from me. There was an open seat next to me and he came to sit there.

"Where are you from?", he asked.

* uh-oh.... sudden flashback of Maddy from Kashmir from a few hours earlier! *

"South Africa", I said.

"Are you married?", he asked with a cheesy smile.

I smiled. Only because of HIS cheesiness. "No."

"What you doing later?", he went on.

This was seriously not happening to me again!
"I'm going to sleep", I said.
"Because I have an early flight"
"Where are you going?"
"To Korea... I live there"

He didn't stop...

"So let's go out later...", he went on.
"Where to?", I asked.
"Just anywhere... I can come to your hotel. What's your room number?"
*Choke!* Do I seriously look like I would just invited people to my hotel?

"Uhh, NO!"

Unlike Maddy, he got the hint and got up and walked away.
But within a few minutes he was back.

"I'm going to fill some gas in the car... do you want to come with me?", he asked.
"No thanks..."
"Are you sure? Please come..."
"I'll see you later", I said.

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