Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Bye, May~!

I had a fairly nice and relaxing week-end. I caught up with old high school and university friends online. I thought I was going to relax all week-end, but I got a call on Saturday afternoon from my co-teacher. I have lesson plans due tomorrow and Tuesday. And I have to have an Open Class for my after school on June 15 for the parents.

Today I finally got to cleaning my apartment. Procrastination is a killer! I forgot how therapeutic cleaning is :) At least I can come home to a squeaky clean apartment this week. I also packed away my winter bedding - it's getting warmer everyday, and I'm using my aircon more these days.

I have a busy week ahead of me. Giving my Grade 5 and 6's a test on 10 weeks worth of Classroom English that I've taught them. That means 15 classes. Average - 36 students in each class ... that's how many papers I have to mark :)

Determined to start gym again tomorrow.
Also hoping to buy tickets to the Pussyscat Dolls Doll Domination Concert next week in Seoul.

May is over... can't believe it. It's been a rollercoaster month, with me being ill. But let's hope the worst is over and I can look forward to a good month of June.

Good night, everyone xxx


Nicki said...

June is finally here :)

Thanks for all the lovely pics and for sharing them! Loooved them all.

Asians are famous for the "peace sign" pose when they take pics, lol

You have a gorgeous smile!

Sheetal said...

Nicki ~ Thank you, you're sweet :)
Yeah, Asians love the peace / victory sign. Some of them don't even know why they do it. They just do it...~ Hope you have an incredible month ahead! xx

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