Saturday, May 30, 2009

Monday - the proper diagnosis: Enteritis

This means "Miss Sheetal Makhan"
(When I had to pay at the hospital)

On Monday, May 11 2009 I woke up to rain. I remember thinking - ahh at least I don't have to go to work today (since I was in 'quarantine').

My co-teacher called me and said that I didn't need to have blood tests done since I hadn't traveled to swine-flu infected areas. However, I had to go and see another doctor. I called a friend (who, luckily wasn't going to university that day) and asked her to go with me. Hospitals in Korea are very complicated.

First, you go to the desk on the first floor, take a ticket and wait till your number is called. Then you tell them what's the matter and you get a slip of paper. You go upstairs and wait till you're called in. The doctor told me to lie down and he pressed various areas on my tummy. I screeched!

He told me I had "Enteritis" or 장염 (Jang-yeom) in Korean.
What is that???
Enteritis is the inflammation of the small intestine and is picked up by bacteria in food or drink.

That made more sense that 'travel diarrhea' and an 'Unknown Virus' that I was told on Friday. I had to go back downstairs and pay my bill. Then I had to have an injection. And after that, go to the pharmacy next door and collect my medication.

I went home and got some rest... started feeling a BIT better.

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