Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hotel lobby at midnight with Sunny & Javed

I knew that if I was in my room I'd want to sleep, so I went down to the hotel lobby. There's a wagon where you can have photographs printed on t-shirts, mugs, caps etc... There were two guys working there.

I was alone and sitting near the wagon. Since it was after midnight, there weren't other guests around.

"Where are you from?", asked the shorter guy.
"Korea", I said - smirking to myself.
"But your face look Indian", he said.
I just smiled.
"What's your name?"
"Sheetal.. and you?"

The other guy was just wondering around and didn't talk to me.

Sunny introduced him to me. "This is my friend, Javed"
"Hello, Javed", I said
"Hello", he said ...barely smiling.
"Where are you from?", I asked.
"Goa", he said.

Sunny was begging me to have a photograph printed on a mug or cap, and I told him I didn't have money.

"Sheetal, let me take your photo please", he asked.
"But why?"
"Just.. I want it."
"I don't think so"
"Let me take your photo and I give you something for free from here."
"No, I don't want anything, thanks"

A late night customer occupied Sunny and Javed was still hovering around. He had mysterious eyes. I told him that. He said...

"I have dangerous eyes"
"Yeah, I think so", I told him.
"You want to take them with you?", he said.
Ewwww I thought!

Anyway it was time for me to go to the airport.

I couldn't believe that all these guys I had met during the day happily obliged for me to take their photo~! Let's hope they never find my blog...hahaha!

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