Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Your flight has been delayed till further notice

When Emirates staff started handing out newspapers and put out water & juice for waiting passengers, people started to get anxious. Why was there a delay in the first place? There were rumours that there was a technical problem with the aircraft. Another rumour was that the catering service was delayed.

Whatever the case was, I just wanted to get on the flight. When I checked in, I was told that the flight was pretty empty, so I was likely to have a row of seats ALL to myself. I basked in the thoughts of catching up on some much needed shut eye.

However, I was getting bored just sitting~ I bought a bottle of water from a nearby shop for R7 (JUST) to get change so that I could make a call home to my family. Only my brother was home, and we ended up talking for quite some time. I'd call him almost every 30 minutes and he'd be like, "You've still not left?... See, you should have just stayed at home. Aren't I always right?!"

People passing the time

People started getting very antsy

Emirates staff entertaining kids...

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