Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet Maddy from Kashmir

Wednesday, May 29 2009

OK, so... part of the tour was to go to a boutique kind of place, with exquisite garments and collectibles. Before we went in, we were told that no photography was allowed. When we walked in, there was a man waiting for us to show us around. I'm pretty used to walking around by myself. And I wandered off on my own. Not many people got out of the tour bus - they wanted to stay in the air-conned vehicle since the temperature had risen to 40 degrees.

I was looking at some artwork, when someone behind me asked, "Where are you from, madam?" It was the guy that was meant to be showing us around. "South Africa", I said

"Are you on holiday in Dubai?"
"No, just passing through."
"Are you traveling alone?"
"Yes", I answered as I continued looking at handmade rugs.
"...and you're staying at the Millennium Hotel?"
I turned to look at him.
"How did you know?"
He smiled and said "The tour bus is from there"
"Oh", I said and walked on.
He walked behind me.
"What's your good name?"

Now I almost never give my real name to strangers. But whatever... It was too hot to think straight!

So I said, "Sheetal... and you?"
"I'm Maddy. It's nice meeting you, Sheetal"
"Thank you", I said. "Are you from Dubai?"
"No, I'm from Kashmir"

I walked on further.

"Sheetal, where are you traveling to after Dubai?"
"To Korea.. I live there"
"Korea? Wow!" He smiled.
Not bad, I thought. He had a sweet smile.

"Ahh, there's one thing I regret about this place", I said.
"What's that?"
"We aren't allowed to take photo's in here"
"Take one"
"Take it... it's ok"

I knew he wasn't the manager or anyone in authority to permit that, but I quickly pulled out my camera and snapped a pic.

"Now let me take one of you", he said.
"Of me? Why? No way..."
"Why not, you're so beautiful"
I darted him a look as if to say - "Oh puh-leez!"
I glanced at my reflection in a mirror nearby.

I was sleep-deprived, hot and sweaty, wearing a VERY unflattering colour top, hair tied back with my sunglasses perched on my head.

"Sheetal, please can I meet you later?"
I darted him another look.
He went on, "I would just love to meet you after work"
Was this guy for real?! I just looked at him as he gave me smiling puppy eyes.

"And where do you want to meet?", I asked.
"I can come to your hotel"
I thought, Hell to the NO!

"Sorry, Maddy but I'm going on another tour later and I'll only get back later", I said.
I didn't want to outright say NO, so I was trying to make excuses.

"Give me a time and I'll come when you are there", he persisted.
"But I don't know now"

I walked on. He followed.
"Why aren't you showing the other tourists around?", I asked.
"When you walked in, didn't you notice I only looked at you?"
I had to bite my tongue from laughing.
I looked at him and smiled... and said, "Maddy - I bet you speak like this to all your female customers"

"No, I swear... I just fell in love with your eyes when I saw you. You're like a doll"

I couldn't believe this guy. However, can I point out that the sweet talk was NOT working on me!

"Sheetal, please let me come and see you later... I just want to talk to you"

I thought - Yeah right "talk" is the global code for "who knows what"

With a stern face I asked him, "Do I look like a girl who just has strange guys come to her hotel room?"

He didn't stop. And it was time to get going... we passed a section in the store that had beautiful shawls...

"Oh this is so beautiful", I said.
"It's from my country...Kashmir. I'll show you beautiful things when I take you there one day"


"Ok Maddy - it's time for me to go. But... can I take a photo of you?"
He obliged.
"Now let's take one of us together"
"Not the way I'm looking now..."
"I told you you're beautiful... my doll"

What do I say? I don't know... except, "Thank you" HA HA HA

"Ok, so what time can I come tonight?", he asked AGAIN.
"Maddy, I'm sorry, but..."
"Can I have your phone number or e-mail address?", he asked.
"Why don't you give me yours?", I said.

In my notebook, he wrote his name, number and email address. And then he wrote 1-4-3.

1 : I
4 : LOVE
3 : YOU

I made my way to the exit, only to realize that I was the only person the tourguide was waiting for~! I left the store and stepped out into the blistering heat once again. As we drove off, I smirked thinking about Maddy from Kashmir. Poor guy must be lonely and bored out of his mind. I imagined him reading cheesy pick up lines from trashy magazine and websites to pass his time.

I didn't believe everything he said, but I have to admit - whether he meant it or not... those 20-25 minutes were a slight ego boost :)


Nicki said...

This convo is priceless!! It's like from a Bollywood movie. You know he fell for you because when you walked, all he saw was your hair blowing in the wind (even though you were inside, lol)

Thanks for posting.

Sheetal said...

Nicki~ I agree, very Bollywood-like, right?! Cheesy... over the top?! Imagine if we broke out into a song & dance sequence right there in the store - with dozens of backup dancers magically appearing everywhere. Ah! I can just picture it now :)

Anonymous said...

I know those pick up was in the FEB 2009 issue of FMH

Sheetal said...

@ Anon ~ I thought as much!