Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swine Flu?!

On Friday, May 8 2009 I woke up with excruciating pain. I called Ina, my co-teacher to tell her I needed to stop at the pharmacy. I thought maybe I had food poisoning.

Two hours later, she called me back to say she spoke to the school nurse and she thinks that my symptoms are very serious. They thought that I had been traveling and was in contact with many people at the airport and on the flight. I thought that was ridiculous! There was no way I could have swine flu. Right?!

I went to a doctor at a nearby hospital. He said I had travel diarrhea and put me on a drip. Around 1pm, I went to work. My co-teacher told me that I had to go home. According to a document that was issued by the Korean government, I had 2 of the symptoms listed for swine flu. So in that case, I wasn't allowed to be at work.

I was so tired of being in my apartment for the past few days, but I was told I need to just stay at home and not go out.

Walking home, I called my mum.
"I'm suspect of swine flu", I said.
"WHAT?!", gasped my mum.
"WHAT?!", she repeated.

The next thing she asked was if she should come to me. There was no reason to, because I didn't have any answers. My school wanted me to have blood tests done, and I was only allowed to go back to work after they'd been cleared.

Oh well... I went to my apartment, and only after I got there I wanted to kick myself for not stopping at the store to my some energy drinks.

I had a nap and woke up around 8pm. I was still in pain. I got dressed and dragged myself out of my apartment. I bought some bread and energy drinks. I came home and made toast with some honey on it. I only had a quarter of it. But I had to eat something since I was taking medication.

I fell asleep still in pain...

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