Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday night de-stress

I almost NEVER say *TGIF* but this week (Friday, May 29 2009) was long and stressful for me. After teaching 4th Graders for the entire day, my co-teacher and I had to go to an Open Class of another foreign teacher at a school in Do-chang Dong (Do-chang Elementary School).

After that, I met some of the 6th grade teachers and we had dinner at my favourite barley restaurant (bo-ri-bap). It was just 6 of us... (again, the single teachers!) I couldn't wait for this evening to de-stress and let go of the stresses of the week.

Hyeon-jeong, Hye-won and Joo-hye

After dinner, we went to Garten Beer~

With No-su

At Garten Beer, there are these 'coolers' in the table.
It ices up, and your drinks are *always* chilled.

Anju is the Korean name for food you have with drinks~
Sausage & potato wedges

Fruit salad

We got this pineapple for free

Seafood soup

There was this message send a text message to a number, and within seconds,
it appears on this screen. Sending the text is free of charge.
We had fun sending messages to e'other ;)

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