Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trip to Paju with 6th Grade teachers

On Friday, May 15 2009 the teachers got to go home early because it was Teacher's Day. So the 6th Grade staff traveled to Paju (near the Korean border). Our former principal moved there, so we went to visit him. We had dinner together, with *delicious* food. It was the first time I was eating out since I'd been ill~

Acorn jelly

Yong-un, Hung-joo, Jo Gun-seong, Joo-Hye

...with No-su

Jo Gun-seong & Joo-hye

Jo Gun-seong with my present

...with his tie that we all gave him as a present

There was a bee in our head teacher's hair...
obviously I HAD to take a pic before getting rid of it.

All the 6th grade teachers with former principal

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