Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Morning, Dubai~!

A wee-bit zombied out, we landed in Dubai around 4am and were herded like sheep to a room where there was coffee and snacks waiting for us. They called out for various passengers traveling to different destinations and told them exactly where to go.

When they said, SEOUL-KOREA ...I waited patiently in the queue waiting to see what was in store for me. Were they going to give me the next flight out (perhaps on another airline?) Was I going to have to STAY in Dubai?

"I'm sorry, madam... we can only offer you the next Emirates flight which is tomorrow morning at 03:00" I blinked, smiled and said, "Excuse me?!"

He went on and said, "We'll provide you with free hotel accommodation, transport, meals, an international phonecall and a transit visa."

Suddenly, I didn't hear him talking anymore... because within 10 seconds, I had a dozen thoughts running through my mind~

* I'm going to be late for work...
* Do I have a fresh change of clothes in my carry on luggage?
* Do I have money?
* Can I do a city tour?
* Are my camera batteries charged?
* A day in Dubai... WOW!
* How can I contact my friends in Dubai & let them know I'm here?!
* Have to call my mum to call my manager in Korea...

So while I waited to be issued with my ticket and other necessary documents, I was fumbling around in my diary and an envelope with Korean writing was tucked inside.

A man standing to my right pointed at it and said - Oh! Korean writing!

"Are you Korean?" I asked. He was... and he and I were the only 2 passengers for the flight to Seoul the next morning. He spoke English very well and we became friends within minutes. He was "Mr Kim" who works in Rwanda and was going to Korea for a few weeks to visit his family.

We small talked as we made our way downstairs ...got our passports stamped with a transit visa and proceeded to where we had to wait for the hotel shuttle bus. By now it must have been 05:30.

The minute we stepped outside, my face was kissed with humidity. UGH~!

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