Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursdays are MY Mondays!

Thursdays are to me what Monday's are to everyone else. I teach 3rd Graders all day, one class of 4th Grade the end of the day, I teach the Kindergarten class.

On Thursday, May 28 2009 I had a really rough day with my class. I *know* kids are kids, but...They were really out of control. I kept looking at the clock, willing the time to fly so that I could leave. But just a few minutes after my Kinder-class, I had to teach an after school class~

These kids wouldn't stop wrestling with each other while I was teaching.

This boy is my little *terror*
He kept wanting to run and crash into me

Look at the little crown on her head :)

I LOVE this girl!
I just look at her face and my heart melts :)

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