Saturday, May 30, 2009

Desert Safari -

Wednesday, April 29 2009

After our city tour and having lunch at the hotel, Mr Kim & I went on a desert safari. We were picked up from our hotel. There was another Canadian couple in the same vehicle. I decided to sit in the front seat with the driver. Driving to the desert, I fell asleep. It was so hot and I was really tired. When we were no long on tarred roads, I realized we had arrived. WOW~! A desert is really nothing exciting or interesting - there's just nothing there. But being me, I was excited about being in a desert!

I was so excited to see this camel... kinda like how I got
excited seeing a squirrel in Canada~ !
oh...the little things that amuse me!

The camels have their front 2 legs tied together so that they don't wonder off too far~

Our vehicle

This was our driver~

And THIS is what we experienced! He drove up and down the sand dunes at a crazy speed. I was bobbing up and down trying to control my shrieks when we went downhill. I turned back to look at Mr Kim who was holding on to his seat for dear life. The Canadian couple next to him were holding hands look far too calm for my liking. I knew if I was with my own friends, or my MUM, we'd be shrieking at the speed this driver was going at. But everyone was way too silent.

It was such an awesome experience, and can't believe that *I* did that~! So unlike me... I usually opt for the 'safer' options and not really into all these adventurous things!

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