Sunday, May 16, 2010

TEDxUKZN 2010 - Africa, Change, the World

Being a huge TED fan, I was very excited to virtually attend TEDxUKZN in South Africa on Friday, May 14 2010. A very big thank you to Uncle Kriben for keeping me in the loop about this event.

The School of Information Systems and Technology of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal hosted the full day conference under the theme, Africa, Change, the World.

The event began at 9am (South African time) and had a terrific host of speakers lined up for the day:

Harsha Desai, Prof Franscesco Petruccione, Dr Shamim Bodhanya, TM Govender, Eugene Chetty, Prof Patrick Bond, Dr Kumi Naidoo, Prof Kriben Pillay, Prof Suria Govender, Dr Murray Legg, Rosemary Quilling & Craig Blewett, Dr Adrian Ryan, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, Paul Kelly & Francis Maphanga, Joseph Jere, Brett van Niekerk, Yashik Singh.

Unfortunately, I missed the first three speakers when I logged onto the web stream. I was tweeting live as I was watching the event, but since I was at home there were a few distractions so I wasn't "fully present" at some of the talks. However, the ones that I did tune into were, as expected, uplifting and very informative. My tweets pretty much sum up the gist of what the speaker's were trying to convey.You can click on some of their names above to see the points/some of my tweets of the presentations. I wish I had photographs of the event, but the photo's of the speaker's have been taken from the bio pages of the official TEDxUKZN site.

Last year, I attended TEDxSeoul. Click here to read about it.

Please Note >>> I am in no way affiliated with any TED or TEDx events. This blog serves mainly to journal tidbits and notes that I took during the talks at TEDxUKZN. It is by no means a review or critique of the speakers or their respective presentations.

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