Monday, May 10, 2010

"Nice" just cuts it

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I remember my high school English teacher once saying that the word, nice should only be used to describe food and not objects or people. Find another adjective, if you must.

We all know those moments when we're at a loss for words, and we can't think of anything nice to say about someone except that they're just nice - you know?

Well, for now I'm dismissing that rule (sorry, Mrs Moore) and going ahead to acknowledge some really nice people that I know. A few days ago, I wrote about weeding people out - mortals that just kind of feed off you. Many of us seem to dwell on the 'energy thieves' in our lives, but this evening, I'd like to take a U-turn and recognize all of MY nice people!

The following gems hail from various parts of the world and I've gotten to know some of them online. That doesn't make them any less "real", but I sincerely hope that I get to meet them somehow, somewhere, someday.

So what makes them nice? It's many things - but above all, I've noticed the way they treat others. I've been raised to respect people regardless of their gender, age or status and over the past few months, I've come to realize that these people share the same values that my parents have instilled in me.

In no particular order, I'd like to thank the following people for just being, well...nice :)

Chetan Dodia, Ken Wilson, Jason Renshaw, Vicky Loras, Mercy Moletsane, Grant Monareng, Junior Kanam, DJ Sbu (Sbusiso Leope), Uyanda Mbuli, DJ Fresh, Kojo Baffoe, Trevor Madondo, Gregor Rohrig, Nicki Her, Stacey Yount, Faizan Qureshi, Rebekah Johnson, Mrs Hahm, Myeong No-su. My brother, Darmesh (DJ Damage or his pet name used exclusively at home, but I fear he'll cut me off if I write it on here!) needs to be included here. He really is one of the nicest people I know. He's kind, caring, considerate, funny and wise beyond his years <-- This is up for debate, mum!

So why am I writing this post? Have these people offered me cash or an ocean cruise for writing this? No. Am I sucking up to these people? No. It's just that I think everyone needs a lift now and then. Over the past few days, I've had people say some very nice things about me. I'm not entirely sure if I'm worthy of the praise, but my way of saying 'thank you' is to bring the same joy to someone else.

Alright  - 'nuff with all the soppiness. As you were!


Kojo said...

Er ... eh ... nice one. It has been enlightening interacting with you. The beauty of online is that we find kindred spirits even further from our physical location

Unknown said...

Thank you very much dear. I think you forgot one name n its SHEETAL MAKHAN. LOL

Jason Renshaw said...

I'm very happy to have made your "nice" list, Sheetal!

"Nice" is totally okay. The one I learned very early on not to use (especially in reference to my mother's cooking) was "quite nice" - which is that little expression kind of like saying "not bad, but not all that good either, but I'm trying to sound positive!"

For what it's worth, Sheetal, you are a star mention on any nice list of mine, too!

Keep up the great work AND the smile,

~ Jason (Mr. Raven)

Anonymous said...

Why is your brother last on the list? I'm asking anonymously because I'm not him if that's what you were thinking, just wanted to protect my identity..

Nicki said...

Sheetal! You are so sweet. Thanks for the shoutout. Will email you something soon. You made my day/night :)

Kent Page said...

Really cool! I hope someday I'll make your nice list!