Thursday, May 20, 2010

My 3am Incident

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I was woken up at 3am by a man's voice which I thought was coming from outside my apartment. I sat up in my bed and noticed that the light sensor was on downstairs. The voice was coming from downstairs in my apartment. At 3am.

"Ohmygod, what?" I said.

He was saying that my door was open. Heart racing and not knowing what was going on, I slowly went downstairs saying to him, "Ok, thank you...." He went out and closed the door behind him.

It was like I had no idea what just happened, but after a while, it made sense.

My apartment door works with a chip or password (no key). When I got home yesterday, the door probably didn't shut and lock properly. I didn't spend much time downstairs and went to bed shortly after I went upstairs. So I didn't know that the door was open.

He meant no harm. If anything, he was concerned and was checking that everything was alright. I assume he was just getting in himself because I remember it looked like he had a laptop bag slung over his shoulder. All he said to me was, "The door was open."

Anyway, you can imagine how freaked out I was at the time and about ten minutes after that. Tonight, however I checked twice that my door was closed - and locked.

On another note, I don't recall ever being unsafe since I arrived here in August 2007. I walk around with my camera, cell phone and iPod and have never felt like I'm in danger. Of course, I'm always cautious and alert, but have never felt unsafe.

I'm just very grateful that this is all there is to my 3am incident. :-)


Kim said...

Hi Sheetal,
I just started enjoying your blog. Great read!
As per your early morning incident, I think I'd have keeled over from fright - yikes!
Thank goodness he meant well, and you're safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

thank GOD!!!
i just stressed and im so happy that it was korea. im just happy you are ok.

Sheetal said...

Hello :) Thanks for stopping and for your comment! Yes, no one expects something like that at 3am, but I'm very grateful that he meant well.

Thanks :) Yes, I'm lucky! xo

Nicki said...

Woah! I'll be scared as heck too. You're living solo and also in a "foreign" country...shoot, I would still be scared. Glad you're fine

Sheetal said...

Yeah, imagine all the thoughts that crossed my mind. Thanks, hun! xo