Sunday, May 16, 2010

TEDxUKZN - Dr Kumi Naidoo

Dr Kumi Naidoo is the CEO of Greenpeace International and gave his presentation via a web cast from Amsterdam. He spoke on global climatic issues.

Some points that were raised in his talk (taken from my Twitter stream):

  • If we think globally and act locally, we will be removing ourselves from where power resides.
  • According to Kofi Anan > Last year 300,000 people lost their lives from climatic impacts.
  • For Africa, there is some opportunity. Africa has the largest potential in solar/wave energy etc. We haven't begun to tap even 5% of the possibilities we have.
  • The challenge now, is not that we have time for a full marathon. We have to learn to move fast and quickly. Time is running out.
  • If we don't rise to the challenge and don't step forward, history will judge us harshly.
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