Sunday, May 16, 2010

TEDxUKZN - Rosemary & Craig

Speakers, Rosemary Quilling and Craig Blewett are represented by Quible (an avatar) - "a full time web-based resident, teacher and researcher." The title of this presentation was "The Journey to Ubun2.0" Taken from their profile page on the TEDxUKZN site, the presentation synopsis ~

The power to change the world has always been available to those individuals brave enough to claim it. Better yet is a virally spread vision; collaborative groupings working towards a greater vision for all…..not just as individuals but as collaborative groupings who span traditional divides of  places, cultures, genders, races, religions, generations etc.
Social computing enables us to cross a host of divides in relatively simple ways: Paradoxically though, it appears that our ability to develop world views and processes which are truly neutral and without boundaries are less simple to achieve.
You are invited to join Quible on a short journey of exploration of the meaning of Ubun2.0: To discover the power, wonder, fears, issues and secrets of finding a place where learning is collaborative. Where the student and the teacher share and grow together. Where, in the sharing, all benefit. Can Quible truly find this ultimate place? Can Quible truly find Ubun2.0?
  • There are gaps everywhere - for eg: people that have information and people that don't. Gaps also exist between students and lecturer's.
  • Is there an iTopia? > Digital Realm?
  • Gen Y > Connecting students, Multi-task, Enjoy social contacts.
  • Ubun2.0 > Collaboration, not domination / Strengths, not weakness / Knowledge, not power  Learning, not instructing.
  • We live in a BETA world > Construction is always happening.
  • Imperfect learning with imperfect tools.
  • Is there an iTopia? No, but there's a journey
  • 6C Map to Ubun2.0 > Come, Connect, Consume, Collaborate, Create, Contribute
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Craig Blewett said...

TEDx was great fun and we hope that more people will get involved in using tech to make our teaching more effective. People can connect with us and find out more at Cheers Craig