Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jeju (4) Carb-loaded Continental Breakfast

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Jeju (2) The Hotel
Jeju (3) The Sauna

Thursday, May 6 2010
I took it easy on Thursday morning. Since Mr Kim told me that rain was expected in the morning, I thought I'd venture out into the city in the afternoon. I went down for breakfast rather late, even though I was up at 6am - forgot to turn off my wake-up alarm!

The Continental Breakfast consisted of a glass of water, a choice of juice (orange, pineapple or tomato), a slice of white bread, a mini bread roll, a mini croissant and a tasteless something which I guess was meant to be a muffin. All this was served with a ... fish knife which I had to use to spread butter / jam on the breads. Talk about a carb-overload, right?!

Mr Kim came over to where I was sitting. He pointed to the sky, indicating that it wasn't raining. I told him I wanted to go to the city - to one of the botanical gardens. I asked him how much a cab ride would cost.

"My car," he said.
"Excuse me?" I asked.
"Together, in my car," he said again.
"You're working," I told him.
"Today is off day," he replied.
"Uh, no thanks - I'll go alone."

Flashback > Singapore: December 2008. Same thing! Man at reception offered to take me on a tour. Of course, I declined. This Mr Kim, however also kind of reminded me of Sam from Egypt - remember him?

View from the breakfast table:

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