Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Worth Taking a Look at This Blog

Last week, one of my favourite ELT Twitter/blogger friends, Jason Renshaw (in Australia) tagged me in his post, It's Worth Taking a Look At This Blog. I've really enjoyed getting to know Jason over the past few months. He's friendly, witty and generous. I admire and respect him for all his work and contribution to the ELT world. I feel quite honoured that he's mentioned me and said such kind words about me in his post. Thank you, Jason!

About this project - ELT blogger's are spreading love and listing their top ten blogs. There are hundreds of "blogs worth taking a look at", but this initiative only permits a listing of ten.

If you have been tagged, you can continue the wave in three easy steps:

1.  Insert the picture/logo at the top of this blog to your post.
2.  Compile your own list of ten blogs that you feel are worth reading.
3.  Tell the bloggers that they have been tagged.

The people I've listed below are educators who I have a great deal of respect for. I feel very fortunate to have "met" them. I know most of them (either through short messages or chats). Cheers to you all!

Jason Renshaw English Raven

Ken Wilson Ken Wilson's Blog

David Deubelbeiss EFL Classroom 2.0

Aniya The English Teacher

Vicky Loras Vicky Loras's Blog

Graham Stanley blog-efl

Shelley Terrell Teacher Reboot Camp

Barbara Sakamoto Teaching Village

Tara Seale Enchanted English Teacher

Sean Banville Sean Banville's Blog


blog-efl said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, Sheetal. It's always encouraging to receive feeback like this. I haven't updated mine in some time, but because of your comments I'm going to start writing something again this weekend!

Aniya said...

Not quite sure what I'm doing on this list lol but it is a real honour. I must be thought of as a Twitter snob by some but I gradually get to know people and I rather prefer quality than quantity..That said I love your wit and your recent My Fair Lady story and your other ramblings ha ha I look forward to more of it too. Hopefully I will get around to making my top ten too, I won't promise anything 'cause if you look at my blog you will see that I am going at snails pace. Thanks a lot!!! :)

Breaking News English said...

Thank you Sheetal for making my day. I'm truly, truly happy to be on your list. It makes me want to blog more and amazes me that of all the blogs out there, one of those you chose was mine. I shall work extra hard on my blog from now to continue to merit its inclusion here.

Best wishes to you :-)

Breaking News English said...

Oops - Didn't know I was still Breaking News English on Blogger. That should be Sean Banville :-)

Sheetal said...

You are most welcome & I'm looking forward to your updates :-)

Sheetal said...

Apart from being a treasure chest of resources, you're so funny! So when we make our My Fair Lady (with Ken!), you can direct it I think ;)

Sheetal said...

You're so very welcome & really deserve it! I'm looking forward to getting to know you more!

Aniya said...

Hey Sheetal I'll enjoy directing you and ken - I do so love bosing people about hihi ;)

Ken Wilson said...

Aha... My Fair Lady starring Sheetal Makhan as Eliza and Ken Wilson as Professoe Higgins. Directed by Aniya, huh? Well, I'm up for it. When is the first read-through? And more pertinently, WHERE?

Keep up the good work, Sheetal. You're an inspiration.