Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Reflections

What have I learned this week?
  • Sleep is essential.
  • Check 2 or 3 times that my door is locked before going to sleep.
  • Smokey bars are not for me.
  • I can outgrow friends.
  • Two people can both speak the same language, but can easily be on different pages in a conversation.
  • Being 'nice' clearly means different things to different people.


Kim said...

Amazing what we learn along the way.

I've outgrown a few friends, but letting go can be difficult. Sometimes the drifting apart is mutual; other times ...

Our bars are smoke-free here, as are any public indoor venues, thank goodness.

And yes, make sure that door is locked!

Nicki said...

Yes!!! I totally agreed.

I was so tired and sore from prepping and cooking all weekend, I slept in yesterday (Memorial's Day). Sleep is awesome

I am cautious with checking the door too, I also hate it when there the curtains aren't closed all the way.

I hate the smell of smoke.

Yes, I have to let some "friends" go.

Yes, it's all about the tone and attitude of the same language that makes it differently.

I learn in elementary school that "nice" means ignorant so I don't like using it too much.

Sheetal said...


Hope you had a fab Memorial Day week-end. Your cookout looked so delicious :) Will chat to you soon. Love x