Sunday, June 7, 2009

PCD - ...and the show's over?

The PCD were minus 1 Doll - Melody had a back injury so couldn't perform. The group performed some of their well-known hits and strutted their sexy bods showing off how VERY flexible they are :) I don't know if it was just me, but the stage felt a bit empty - maybe I was waiting for back-up dancers (like Beyonce had). There were only a few songs where all 4 Dolls were on at the same time. So it was like 3 Dolls moving around the empty space trying to pump up the crowd.

We were allowed to take photos / videos and I took many video clips - mostly for my brother, 'cause he likes them and has used their music in his mixes. He was psyched that I called him during some of the songs to listen to them for a few seconds~!

I kept having the feeling of, "What's next?" And then suddenly ~ they said they had two more songs to rock for us. 1) Jai Ho! from Slumdog Millionaire and 2) Wait a minute.

Suddenly they thanked the crowd for coming out and went off stage. People started exiting the stadium and I turned to my friend saying, "Is it over?"

The Dolls are on a World Tour and no surprise they're running out of steam. I don't regret going at all. They're good performers, but I think the show would have been more lively with more stage energy.

When I saw Beyonce in November 2007, you almost didn't know what to expect next - she was amazing and kept the crowd rocking at all times.

The PCD had some audience interaction. Two girls from the audience were called on stage for a 'dance off'. They had to shake their booty to "Bottle Top".

I reached home around 00:30. Took the subway - transfered twice, but then the subway closed so I had to take a cab home.


Nicki said...

Hello, coming from your #1 Follower :)

Wow! Looks like you had fun! Thanks for the recap and pics. It's always great to see an American group perform in another country, to see the fan reactions.

I agree with you about time. One of my friends say, "my time is precious, if someone is going to be late, that shows that they don't care." I totally agree. I've been brought up with always being on time.

Sheetal said...

NIcki~ Thanks :) I knew someone who told me that he only waits up to 15 minutes for someone that he's meeting - and then he just leaves. I waited nearly an HOUR :(

Oh well... put it down to life experience, huh?!