Saturday, June 6, 2009

End of another week...

Friday, June 5 2009

I taught 5 classes of Grade 4 ~ the same lesson titled "What time is it?". I finished all the test marking at lunchtime. At 2pm, my co-teacher & I went to Eun-heng Elementary School to observe another foreign teacher's class. It was a 5th Grade lesson ("Where is Namdaemun?") where students learn directions and instructions like, "Go straight, turn left at the corner" etc...

It was an active class with many activities for the students to do. After the class, all the observers / teachers met. It was a combination of Korean and foreign teachers. I think I was the 'oldest' teacher there - the others are newbies in Korea... mostly from America / Canada.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to go to another training the day before (Thursday, June 4) and I wasn't impressed by some of the foreign teacher's attitudes.

During the meeting, one of the foreign teachers rudely said, "So are we going to talk until 4:40pm?" because he wanted to go home. I'm not a 'new' teacher, I knew a few of the Korean teachers that were there. One of the teachers was speaking to me, and while we were talking, his foreign co-teacher (who was itching to end the meeting) was behaving like spoiled little boy wanting to go home. So I just told him, "Why don't you just go downstairs yourself?!"

Not only are foreign teachers representing their countries by being in in Korea, but they're representing their schools when they go out to meeting like this. *sigh*


I was so chuffed ~ I went to the gym afterwards, and had a good workout. I came home, showered...tidied my apartment and was relaxing watching TV. I think I passed out at 7:30pm - with the kitchen light still on downstairs. I slept like a baby :)

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