Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mid-week, but feels like Friday!

I punished one of my favourite students today. His name is Ahn Song-bin. I hated doing it.

In my after school class, we were playing Bingo. And he was being plain naughty by messing everyone's Bingo cards so that I could start over. Also, he wouldn't listen to me when I told him to stop rocking on his chair. I can absolutely *scream* when the kids rock their chairs... cause they're going to fall and hurt themselves (it's happened)

I think it was a bad day for Song-bin, because when I went to his homeroom class this morning, his teacher was punishing him as well - made him kneel on the floor and hold a chair above his head (Korean-style punishment).

So when he misbehaved in my class, I was about to end the game and give all the students worksheets. But I figured the others shouldn't suffer cause of him. So I gave him a long text to write out.

He sulked. I felt bad and my heart sank having to punish him like that, but what should I do if he's being downright naughty? Sigh... Anyways.

I was marking the Grade 5 & 6 Classroom English tests that I gave them. I have 5 more classes to mark. Probably going to have to go to work a bit earlier tomorrow to finish them. Went to gym after work (3 days in a row now) hahaha ...

Tomorrow I have to go to a conference something-something for the foreign teachers in my city. It's about learning to adapt to Korean culture. It sounds like it's for new teachers, but my manager says I have to go. I'm going, but if I had a choice, I'd have stayed at school to work.

Also, on Friday I have to go to another open class of a foreign teacher at another school. So time is precious these days :)


Nicki said...

Time is precious. I agree.

I believe in "tough love." Because if you let a kid get away with it too much, he or she may take it for granted.

Of course, I learn this the hard way too with my kids.

Sheetal said...

Nicki~ I also believe in 'tough love' :) I think I'm getting good experience with kids being a teacher... for one day when I have my own!