Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gym...AM vs PM

I renewed my gym contract on Monday, June 1. I've also been one to gym in the morning before work (6am) but these days I'm so tired that the extra 30 or 40minutes sleep make a big difference - my friends tease me and say I'm getting old :)

For the past three days, I've been going to the gym after work. As tired as I am, I literally force myself to go. By the time I reach there, hear the pumping music and see other people working out, I get motivated.

But I guess there's pros and cons for morning and evening gym. In my case, I like to focus on what I'm doing and don't really like talking *GASP* and *SHOCK*, right?! But when I'm on the treadmill sweating like a pig, I don't want someone talking to me. But the trainer at my gym who is really sweet and might I add, very well-built (!!!) keeps wanting to talk to me~!

So... Gym ---> Morning or Evening?


* Pros

It's over and done with

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