Friday, June 12, 2009


This week just flew by. Feels like it was Monday just yesterday. And suddenly ~ it's Friday.
Have lots to blog about from Wednesday, but for now I have to call it a night.

Had a LONG day with 4th graders teaching them the chapter, "What time is it?" By the 4th class my head was spinning saying the same thing over and over again... "It's time for lunch / school"

Went to the hospital for a basic check-up. Just had to do blood/urine test & x-ray. They said my pressure was a bit high, and it's probably due to stress (hello!) but not too serious. Met my friend, Joo-hyeon for dinner and then went to a coffee shop.

Will blog more tomorrow. G'night xxx


Nicki said...

Hope you're not overworking yourself. Have a great weekend!@

Sheetal said...

Nicki~ Thank you <3 Have a good w'end too! x