Monday, June 8, 2009

Mondays ~ Time to restart!

It was a good day today. I taught six classes of Grade 6. We started a new lesson, "My father is a pilot" - the aim of the lesson was to talk about their parents occupations.


A) Does your mother work?
B) Yes she does. She's a teacher. What does your father do?
A) He's a doctor.

They seemed to grasp it fine. My 6th graders are fast learners :)

After class I had to go through some of the test papers that I marked last week because there was an error in marking. So I had to +1 point to some papers.

I'm beginning to look forward to going to the gym after work these days. I'm pushing 30 minutes on the treadmill (my brother's mixes keep me going).

I have an open class on Wednesday for our school principal. Not really phased too much about it. But have so much to do on top of preparing for it. Anyways... lights out ~ Good night xxx

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